I have heard most of the brides and grooms complaining that they are badly stuffed with Mithaai on Mayun mehndi functions while they don’t want to eat sweets in that quantity. Problem doesn’t lies only in tasting issues but issues also arise when you are having a strict diet plan, as most of the brides do on their weddings or unfortunately you are diabetic. Well, no worries you have many other options too. Although the essence of “Mithaai” cannot be changed but let’s give it a try. Find the best suited idea that appeals your taste and preference by Orange Blossoms…


Orange Blossom, a dedicated exclusive Fusion Fruit Bar, located within Delhi.

Orange Blossom offers a different innovation using exotic fruits that blow everyone’s mind i.e.

Kiwi Jalebi.
Orange Jalebi.
Apple Jalebi.

a really different idea that keeps you healthy and you can have it in any occasions without any hesitation.

It depends on you how beautifully you cut and present fruits. Fruits can be the best option for those who avoid extra calories or fat. Fruits cannot only help you protect your stomach but also can make your presentation more colorful and fascinating. And yes, it’ll be a new idea too for your plans for a personalized wedding.

For this, you can contact Mr. Amit Tyagi. His catering endeavours to use sustainable initiatives wherever possible, in the preparation and delivery of their services to you.

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