14225394_1815583072006803_6789954147772156722_nIt’s your wedding day and there are no compromises when it comes to wedding decorations. One of the best ways of capturing your guests’ attention is at the start itself. Still didn’t understand? We mean by decorating the entrance of the banquet hall and making it look stunning.

15181552_1861066157458494_7275669972785532099_nIt can be done in the form of a simple yet elegant string of lights, brightening up the hall entrance. You can have sign boards with details of the wedding day or a banner image of the couple, which could also give out details about the couple’s journey.

15622610_1873201722911604_3462016860837134993_n-1Our Banquet halls are in demand as innumerable wedding ceremonies and functions are held in banquet halls these days. You can easily organize any of your wedding functions in banquet halls without worrying too much about weather playing a spoilt sport at your wedding.

13102754_1758601494371628_4629323230105891207_nKohli Tent House decorations have evolved and how? You can always play around with colors, textures or just simply experiment with lightnings or ways of draping while decorating a banquet hall. We have so many decoration ideas that you can include while you plan your wedding ceremony in a banquet hall.

14141524_1814583732106737_3569432056046092139_nAs someone rightly said, “With the right light and the right time, everything is extraordinary”. Over the years, lighting has charmed its way into everyone’s hearts, especially when it comes to weddings.